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Terms and Conditions

1. This agreement

These terms explain how we’ll carry out the work we’ve quoted for and the terms of your agreement with us.

2. The work

Providing the services

We’ll carry out the work described in your quote with reasonable skill and care, and in accordance with industry standards and we will ensure that we always have valid liability insurance in place.

Who will do the work

Normally, we’ll send a YourPlumber engineer to carry out the work. In some cases, we may send a suitably qualified and approved contractor to carry out the work on our behalf.

When we will do the work

We’ll start the work on a time and date we agree with you when you accept the quote.

We will carry out the work during our normal working hours (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday), unless we specifically agree otherwise.


We’ll give you our best estimate for completing the work and will do our best to keep to that estimate. If something beyond our control means that we will fail to meet the estimated timescales, we will notify you and provide a revised timescale for completing the work.

Changes to the work

We will do what we reasonably can to accommodate any changes that you may request to the work that we carry out. You accept that changing the work may affect the timescales for completing the work. If the cost for carrying out the work will change as a result, we will notify you in advance.

Permissions and consents

If any consents, licenses or other permissions are needed from any third parties such as landlords, planning authorities, local authorities or similar, it’s your responsibility to obtain permission before we carry out the work. You’ll be responsible for any losses or costs to us if claims are made against us for work carried out without the proper permission.

Working in dangerous conditions

We won’t start work or continue doing any work if we discover what we consider to be a health and safety risk, and we won’t return until the risk is gone.

If we’ve already started work when we discover a health and safety risk, you will have to pay us for the work provided up until that point if you aren’t able to remove the health and safety risk within 5 working days from the date that we discover it.

Parts and Materials

If you are supplying materials for us to fit, it is your responsibility to ensure that you order the correct parts and that they are ready for us to fit when we need them. If the parts you supply are either unsuitable or faulty, we will be entitled to charge for our time.

3. What’s not included in your quote

Unrelated or pre-existing faults

Your quote is only for the work we’ve agreed with you. If you have other work you need to be carried out, or faults unrelated to the work we’ve quoted for, we will provide you with a separate quote.

We won’t be responsible for faults which have occurred since we provided you with our quote, or for faults which we couldn’t reasonably have been expected to know about when we gave you the quote.

Loss or damage

We’ll do our best to carry out the work without causing unnecessary damage to your property, but you accept that the work (including removing or dismantling existing fixtures and fittings) may cause damage.

Following our work, you may need to do some decorating. You will be responsible for this (and we will not pay for it) unless we have been negligent. If access has to be made, we will fill any holes, but we will not necessarily replace the original surface or construction.  

4. Cooling off period and Cancellation

Your right to cancel the agreement will not apply where you ask us to carry out urgent repairs or maintenance.

If we order parts that are sold to us as special order or custom parts, that we either cannot return or will incur fees to return, we will be entitled to pass these costs on to you.

If you are unsure, please ask us for further information regarding this.

Cancelling your agreement

If you change your mind and no longer want the work to go ahead, please call us on 01202 230070* or email bournemouth@yourplumber.uk.com.

Cancellation fees

Once you have booked an appointment with us, it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you and will refuse other potential customers. If you later choose to cancel your appointment, we may have to charge a fee to cover our losses.

Our cancellation fees are calculated as follows:

45minute-3.5hours appointments

More than 48 hours               No fee

48hrs-24hrs                            25%

Less than 24hrs                     50%

4hours+ appointments

More than 72 hours               No fee

72hrs-48hrs                            25%

48hrs-24hrs                            50%

Less than 24hrs                     75%


No-shows and missed appointments

If you, or your tenants, are not at the property at the agreed time for our appointment, and we have not been notified, we will treat the visit as cancelled within 24hrs in accordance with the terms above.

5. Charges, Invoicing and Payment


Where possible we will provide you with a fixed price for the services and parts (where applicable) we are to provide.

If we are unable to provide a fixed quotation when you book your appointment, for example, if we are tracing a leak and we are not sure how long it will take, then we will explain how the price will be calculated. In this instance we will either quote you a price for us to spend a specified amount of time on your job, or we will specify an hourly rate by which the total price will be calculated.

If we are unable to find a fault that you’ve reported, we will still be entitled to charge the fee agreed for our visit to compensate our time in attending your property to investigate the reported issue.


You may be required to pay a deposit when you accept the quote, and before we start work.


We will invoice you for the balance once we have completed the work. Payment of your final invoice will be due within 7 days from the date that we send it to you, unless we have agreed otherwise.


You can pay by bank transfer, cash, cheque or by credit or debit card. We don’t charge any fees for using a personal credit or debit card.

If you pay with a Corporate or Business Card we may charge a 2.0% surcharge.

If any invoice is unpaid for 14 days or more, without reasonable cause, we will be entitled to employ the services of a Solicitor or Collection Agent. You may be liable to pay or reimburse the costs incurred by us in doing so. Outstanding sums will incur interest on a daily basis until paid in full.

You will not be entitled to set-off any payments due under this quote in respect of this or any other agreement.

6. 12-month guarantee

If you experience any problems with our work, we guarantee to repair any faulty work that we carry out for a period of 12 months from the date that we complete the work. If we supply any parts that become faulty, we also guarantee to replace or repair those in the same time period, unless they are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.


There may be certain situations where we’re unable to provide a guarantee on the work that we carry out:

  • If while we’re carrying out the work we discover an underlying problem that has caused the fault, which you choose not to rectify at the same time, then we may not be able to offer a guarantee on our work until all related faults are repaired.
  • If problems with the work occur through your misuse, negligence or failure to follow instructions.
  • If problems with the work occur but are not caused by either faulty work or parts, but are caused by something outside of our control, such as limescale.
  • If faults occur with parts that you supply

If you call us back to repair a fault with the work where either no fault exists, or one of the exclusions above apply, then we will be entitled to charge a fee for our visit in line with our standard hourly rate.

This doesn’t affect your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. If you want independent advice about your rights, you can contact Citizens Advice or Trading Standards.

7. Complaints and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

You can read our full complaints policy online (www.yourplumber.uk.com). To make a complaint:

  • Call us on 01202 230070*
  • Email us at info@yourplumber.uk.com
  • Or write to us at YourPlumber, Shelbourne Business Centre, 44a-46a Shelbourne Road, Bournemouth BH8 8QY.

We take any complaint seriously and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue right away.

If we need more time to investigate, we’ll keep you updated and let you know what we are doing to resolve the issue. If you are not satisfied with our final response, or if it’s been more than eight weeks since we received your complaint, you may be able to seek assistance from Ombudsman Services, an independent dispute resolution service. For more information, visit (https://www.ombudsman-services.org/)

*We may record our calls to help us improve our service.

8. Your data

How we use your personal information

We (including our representatives) may store and use your information to assist us in providing services to you. This may include contacting you in future to discuss our service and other products or services that we may offer.

In certain circumstances (if you wish to pay using finance for example) and with your consent, we may pass you information on to a lender to assist them in providing finance to you.

9. General Terms

Force Majeure

Neither of us will be liable for any failure to meet our obligations where events outside our control have prevented us from doing so.  For example: power failure, fire, flood, storms, freezing or any other event that is beyond reasonable control.

Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is bound by the laws of England and Wales.