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Your Plumber treating customers fairly

Treating Customers Fairly is a core principal of Your Plumber and the way we conduct our business. We are fully committed to providing the highest standards of customer service and advice, based on our culture of openness and transparency.

Our service is shaped by listening to customers' needs and by undererstanding what is important to them. We take responsibility for meeting the needs of our customers and always look for ways that we can improve our service.

We recognise that everyone involved in providing the Your Plumber service, at all levels, has an important role to play in providing excellent service and in ensuring customers are treated fairly. Our Treating Customers Fairly policy has been designed to ensure that everyone understands the requirements expected of them.

The core principles of our Treating Customers Fairly policy

  • Your Plumber is an organisation where the fair treatment of customers is embedded in our corporate culture.

  • We ensure that products and services we provide are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and are targeted accordingly.

  • We ensure customers are provided with clear information about our services and costs and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after service provision.

  • We ensure that advice provided to customers is suitable, unbiased and takes account of their individual requirements, having obtained and understanding of their specific needs.

  • Customers are entitled to ask us to put things right if our service falls short of what has been agreed or if products we provide are not fit for purpose. We ensure customers do not face any unreasonable barriers and can raise complaints easily.

  • We ensure that any complaints or grievances are handled in a sympathetic, positive and professional manner and within a reasonable timeframe.

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