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Health and Safety

Your Plumber is a responsible business and careful to protect those that could be affected in the course of us providing our services.

We’re committed to providing safe working conditions not only for our own staff but also for homeowners and their families who could be affected or harmed whilst we carry out work in their homes. Commercial clients can be assured that our safe systems of work will aim to minimise any risks that may exist to their own staff and customers.

The main features of our health and safety policy

  • We ensure that suitable assessments are carried out to identify and control the risks that exist from us providing our services.

  • We ensure staff have continual access to our health and safety policy and are suitably trained to perform their jobs safely and professionally.

  • We provide on-going training and hold regular meetings to discuss health and safety in the workplace.

Why is our Health & Safety policy important to you?

As a homeowner

You can be assured that the engineers working in your home will take every precaution to manage their work safely in and in consideration for the safety and welfare of you and your family.

As a business

Business clients have a shared legal responsibility when appointing the services of contractors. Our commitment to safe working practices helps to avoid the potential for injury to your employees and customers and helps you meet your legal responsibility to appoint competent contractors.

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