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If you are looking to install a new central heating system from scratch, or for ways to improve and upgrade your existing system, we provide a range of services that can help.

New system planning and installation

If you’re looking to install a new central heating system, we can help you design, plan and install a system suitable for your property.

New radiators

If you’re thinking of replacing some of your existing radiators or planning to extend your system and add some more, we can supply and install a range of energy efficient radiators for you.

Thermostatic radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves help you control the temperature of each room as you want it. 

Heating controls

We provide a range of analogue, digital, wireless and smart phone enabled heating controls, providing you with control of your system as you want it.

Magnetic system filters

Magnetic system filters are used to reduce the amount of sludge in your central heating system and prevent it from circulating through your boiler. Installing a filter on a central heating system can keep your system efficient and reduce the damage caused by contaminants.

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